Sustain awards 2009

I went to the Sustain awards on tuesday, as a guest of Corus. It is interesting what type of project and product wins an award for sustainability these days. Winning projects included a road and a biodiversity plan for a quarry. These both beat more usual suspects like green architecture, so the message that sustainability is as much about behaviour and process as it is about product seems to be getting through to awards organizers, magazines and sponsors. Marshalls, the paving suppliers, won two awards, one for carbon labelling, and one for an ethical project in India. Now I don’t know much about the projects but I would be surprised if anyone in the UK can teach the Indians much about developing sustainable business, or about developing anything else for that matter. One of my dinner companions was Pol Stewart of Ballyconnelly Construction Ltd.( he had some interesting things to say about his company and their work, and they did well to be shortlisted for two awards against much heavier hitters. He also had some good stories, which always helps to keep an awards dinner going. Later in the evening I learned a few things from other people, how deep to bury a body if you want it to stay down, for example. What people at the BRE do in the wind tunnel at lunchtime. Who would have thought it?


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