New smart meters for old, bring out your old meters!

The announcement on Monday of the UK Govt plan to install smart meters across the entire UK housing stock is welcome news. The key to changing behaviour is to put the information in the hands or mind of those whose behaviour you want to change and let the evidence do the rest. It is widely assumed that such devices can save up to 15% of an households carbon emissions by simply informing users when they are using energy needlessly and encouraging them to switch off unnecessary equipment or lights. The meters are planned to be linked to a display unit in each home which will give feedback on electricity and gas usage and could include information on cost as well as carbon emissions. Much of the details of the proposals are yet to be worked out, but the overall strategy is clear. The Uk will have a smart metered domestic market by the end of 2020 and this will allow the use of more complex tariffs, the linkage of micro generation devices in homes, the implementation of feed-in-tariffs and the use of plug in electric vehicles. This sounds very Dan Dare and I cannot wait.


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