VELUX Daylight Symposium

I had the good fortune to be invited to attend this event on 15/16 May 2009 in Rotterdam. Click here to see the history of this event and to read presentations and abstracts. There were many interesting presentations at the event and much discussion about them in the breaks. The audience,was a very highly qualified one indeed, and included members of national technical institutes from many countries, including France, the Netherlands, Denmark and California. There were a number of representatives from universities worldwide who specialised in subjects relating to aspects of daylight such as lighting and health. The subjects covered by the presentations included the implications for human health of exposure to daylight, the forthcoming changes to the French national standards for energy in buildings, the part that sunlight plays in ecosystems, how to make art with light, and many more.
The symposium was held in the renovated Van Nelle factory on the outskirts of Rotterdam. Given the topic the organisers thought that the proceedings should take place in daylight and so this was the first major event I have attended where the audience enjoyed daylight throughout the proceedings. Death by Powerpoint was avoided, and after two days I had no trace of the usual headache. Some of the presentations were a little washed out, but nothing of any value was missed as a result, there were smaller LCD screens that duplicated the presentations. The location of the symposium at the Van Nelle factory played a major role in creating an enjoyable experience. The factory was originally designed to allow workers the maximum exposure to natural light while working, and this ambition has been respected in the renovation. See here for more details of the building and it’s history. Tearoom on top of the Van Nelle Factory


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