Books on Climate Change and Sustainability

I thought that it would be useful if I were to write a brief review of the books that I have read to educate myself on these important topics. There are a lot of these books about and although some are brilliant others are not so…good. Many of the ones I have read have been recommended by others, or by reviewers that I trust. There have been some books written that frankly shouldn’t have been and don’t contribute much except to the authors sense of self esteem.
I will begin with the father of modern climate change books ‘Earth in the Balance‘ by Al Gore. I’ll start off by saying that I like this book and get that out of the way. I like the fact that it is written from an unusually personal perspective coming from a politician. I like the fact that he refers to his son’s near death in a road accident, and his sister’s death from lung cancer, as events in their familys’ life that changed his outlook on life and politics permanently, and he relates them to climate change in a way that resonates. I like the fact that he is prepared to discuss the science at length but pulls back again to remind us why he needs to do so and doesn’t get lost in the details.
I like the book also because it is written by a man who nearly became the most powerful man in politics and it does the science of climate change a lot of good to be represented by an important political figure, if only to counter the influence of the man who actually took on that role. The book can currently be bought secondhand for a penny plus postage and packing, which is pretty good value for someone out to build a library of books on climate change and sustainability. I suggest that this is a good place to start.


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