The Carbon Quilt

This site the Carbon Quilt sets out to help us to visualise the amount of CO2 produced by various activities and countries. One of the biggest problems facing anyone who has to convince another person of the importance of dealing with Carbon emissions is the fact that the stuff is invisible. If we could come up with a way of persuading a colourful atom to bond with carbon dioxide so everyone could see it, we would be a lot further along in persuading the majority of the population that there is an important issue to be dealt with. I like the Carbon Quilt because it attempts to dal with this problem by giving CO2 cover a thickness and then showing how much of the Earth a particular activity is responsible for covering with this ‘quilt’. I enjoyed comparing one countries output to anothers and comparing one city with anothers. The fact that it is enjoyable is a good thing and can be used to clarify to anyone the extent of the problem. My son told me today that an amount of coal is dug up every day sufficient to build a hill the height of the Eiffel tower, and somehow that tells me a lot about that amount of coal without my having to learn a lot of figures. We need similar ways of understanding the impact of an invisible and odourless gas and the Carbon Quilt looks like a step in the right direction.

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