Tramore Tesco

Whilst on holiday here, I took the opportunity to visit the new Tramore Tesco, billed as the most environmentally superstore in Ireland. It is a flagship store for Tesco and sets out how their new stores in Ireland will be built from now on. See the press release here. The store is frankly nothing to get excited about and if this is the best Tesco can come up with then they aren’t trying very hard. The environmental credentials can be summed up in two lines, wood materials in the construction and solar panels on the roof. The wood I can confirm is real, as for the solar panels, they are either not there or they are not linked to the realtime display which is supposed to tell us how much carbon dioxide it is saving, as the display is blank.
More importantly than any of this is the fact that the store is sited on the outskirts of town,beside an equally dismal new Lidl, floating in a sea of carparking and competing with a perfectly good supermarket which was already built nearer to the town centre with good connections to buses and walking routes. Why these stores got planning I do not know, clearly the lessons of how to develop town centres in a sustainable way has not reached Waterford planning Dept.
P.S. (Two days later I visited the store again and the display is now working, showing a saving per day of about 3.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per day.)


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