The Existing Homes Alliance Manifesto Launch

The Existing Homes Alliance launched its manifesto today at the House of Commons. The manifesto sets out four areas of activity that need political will and government action in support of a national Retrofit programme.
The four areas are:
– Standards: What level of improvements are we to aim for and by when?
– Financing: How are we to pay for it?
– Raising Awareness: Making retrofitted homes desirable and easy to use
– Skills and Jobs: Now is a good time to start a Retrofit programme that will create thousands of jobs.


3 thoughts on “The Existing Homes Alliance Manifesto Launch

    • In this context it is the works to the physical property required to upgrade it to improve its energy efficiency. Usually a retrofit package of works would include:
      -upgrading insulation in walls, roof, floor
      -improving air tightness
      -upgrading boiler or replacing with renewables
      -upgrading windows, replacing windows, or adding secondary glazing

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