I want to take out a Planetary Insurance Policy

I am a bit puzzled about the logic of climate change deniers generally. It occurs to me to ask them if they buy insurance? I don’t think that my house is ever going to burn down, but I am still content to pay to insure it. I will do anything I can to stop it burning down, but I am aware that there are some circumstances that would result in my house being destroyed and needing to be rebuilt. I pay for car insurance because it is more likely that something will destroy my car and I’ll need to replace it. I don’t need the IPCC report to tell me that insuring my car is a good idea, or that insuring my house is a good idea, even though the chances of either one needing to be replaced is small. In some ways I view these insurances in the same way as I view taxation, as a neccessary evil at worst and as a civic responsibility at best. Perhaps, instead of relying on the opinions of people worldwide we should turn our efforts into an insurance policy? Everyone in the western world understands insurance, and that some are required by law, car and property insurance usually. This would remove the idea in peoples minds that climate change is or isn’t going to happen, and how much evidence there is one way or the other. We simply agree that the planet we live on is worth insuring against climate change, asteroid impact, plagues, wildfires and so on, problems that have an international impact, and we require every government to pay towards the policy. The IPCC and others advise the insurance company and the insurance company takes the action, with intergovernmental agreement.


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