The Tories Climate Change and Energy Policies

Here is the Tories Climate change and Energy Policy headlines directly from their website.

* Offer every household a Green Deal, the right to have up to £6,500 worth of home insulation improvements, enabling households to reduce their energy bills, with the costs being met from the much greater savings that arise;
* Transform electricity networks with ‘smart grid’ and ‘smart meter’ technology that automatically matches supply and demand, allowing a huge increase in renewable power;
* Create a decentralised energy revolution by introducing a system of feed-in tariffs to encourage micro-generation of electricity;
* Expand offshore wind and marine power and provide government backing for a network of large-scale Marine Energy Parks.

The Green Deal is a good idea, but £6500 will get us absolutely nowhere. It will pay for
– a new boiler
– draughtstripping
– new insulation in the attic (if the attic is empty and tall enough for someone to fit in it, if neither of these are true the surveryors will just say no)
– replacing ventilation fans with more efficient models
– insulating under a suspended floor
– replacing some inefficient appliances such as CRT TV’s or old washing machines
– replacing a vouple of old windows with new and more efficient versions

Thats it. All that will save a household about a tonne of carbon per annum. Divided by 15 years (the life of most of those measures), and the cost per tonne of carbon saved is about £433.

That leaves the other nine tonnes of the average households carbon footprint to be dealt with, and meanwhile the workmen have been and gone.

The Tories need to propose either a real figure for this measure or better still, leave the figure out and say that it must be calculated on a home by home basis.

Introduce a smart grid and energy meters. These are already policy in the current Govt, so what is new exactly. There doesn’t appear to be anything new here.

Create a decentralised energy revolution with a feed-in-tariff. The feed-in-tariff has already been introduced, so this doesn’t seem very new.

Expand offshore wind…this seems like a popular Tory vote winner, put those ugly wind turbines far far out to sea where no-one can see them. (Or maintain them, or get to them in a hurry.)

Verdict: Copies other party’s work too often, must try harder.


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