Treehugger awards

I am enjoying the 2010 Treehugger awards, get them here. Lots of food for thought, and it is inspiring to see so many bright minds working on the problem of how to be more sustainable. I think this disproves James Lovelocks latest mad suggestion that we are too stupid to solve the climate change problem. Thanks for that uplifting idea James. The next time you have an idea, perhaps you might consider keeping it to yourself, unless it’s actualy helpful?


2 thoughts on “Treehugger awards

  1. In defence of Lovelock and his comments out of context, you have to recognise that collectively we cannot seem to organise our social and economic systems to address the challenge of sustainability and integrated design.

    • The problem I have with Lovelock is that he has a significant presence, and he should use that presence to grow consensus, we all need to know that this is possible, not to hear that we have failed before we have started!

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