Grand Designs

I had the pleasure of presenting at Grand Designs last week, not once, but twice. Firstly to talk about sustainable communities, (mostly Hanham Hall) with Kevin McCloud, and then on the subject of retrofitting sustainable measures to the existing housing stock with George Clarke. It is interesting speaking on stage after TV celebrities, they don’t do technical! Being used to presenting to professional audiences my slides were usually too full of detail, so I had to ignore the content and wing it slightly both times. The audience stayed to hear what I had to say both times, happily. But it was clear that they were there to watch their TV heroes. George showed slides of his design heroes, which included Carlo Scarpa. This brought back happy memories of my one and only trip to Venice where I saw the Galleria Querini Stampala. This is an unforgettable experience and to be recommended.

I was glad to see that there was one aisle at Grand Designs devoted to Kevin McClouds Green heroes, which included some interesting products.

An insulated Roman blind by Heatsaver

A fibre optic rooflight by Parans


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