What are those energy companies doing?

Today, I had my gas meter replaced by someone working for npower. I was expecting a ‘smart’ meter, or at least something slightly smarter than the ancient relic that I had already. I was a bit disappointed to find that they had simply replaced the ‘relic’ with a newer ‘relic’. I know that all the meters are going to be replaced with ‘smart’ versions by 2020. I am now wondering if this replacement programme only applies to electricity meters, and the gas ones are left ‘old school’. This seems a pity, since measuring the amount of gas we use is going to be just as important as measuring the amount of electricity we use. Then the meter man told us that we had a leak on our side of the meter, and wasn’t his problem to solve, and then left. That is service for you. Who designed a system of meters and pipework and contracts that results in a stupid situation like that! He turned off our supply before leaving saying that it was too dangerous to leave on, and then just walked out, leaving us to fix the problem.

One day later, problem fixed, a leak so infinitesimal that it took a heating engineer an hour to find. Dangerous! Not bloody likely.


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