UK Climate Adaptation Strategies

I listened to a presentation from Defra this morning on their work on climate adaptation. I liked their definition that

Climate Mitigation is protecting the climate from people


Climate Adaptation is protecting the people from climate

I have been reading the information on their website UKCIP which is a mine of information for those of you with a few hours to spare.

Interesting nuggets such as the possibility that buildings in the UK by 2050 are likely to have a reduced heat load by as much as 15% with an increased cooling load of a roughly similar amount. So any energy savings that are anticipated by warming will be lost in cooling. Add to that the fact that since we are not used to hot weather in the UK, when it is too hot many of us need to be hospitalized for short periods, thus clogging up the health service.

The website contains the UKCP09 data which is a set of climate predictions for the UK based on the three IPCC climate change scenarios. This can be used to make predictions for various scenarios for all UK locations. There are a number of pre-calculated scenarios with maps already plotted, which is useful. There are links to training online which will be needed for developing scenarios beyond those already illustrated.

It also highlighted the fact that CIBSE produce a UK Future Weather Dataset in formats suitable for use by the major building simulation tools, so it is possible to run building simulation scenarios to assess the impact of climate change scenarios on current building designs. Unfortunately this is not free.


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