The Age of As(s)piration

Today the new housing minister told us that the age of aspiration is back. The problem (apparently) at the moment is that all those people who have been desperate to get into debt are not able to do so because the4 banks won’t lend them any money. The Governmen thinks that they should be allowed to do so at the earliest opportunity. Why? Because they aspire to, thats why. At the same time the Prime Minister is telling us that we are all already in too much debt and we need to clear them as soon as possible, and we musn’t think about doing anything else until we have made significant progress in doing just that. Is it just me or is there a mixed message here? Our ownership levels are already higher than most of Europe. What would be wrong with developing a stronger private rented sector than we already have? A sector backed by pension funds that invested in high quality serviced accommodation in modern well-built and sustainable buildings. Is this not likely to be more of a solution to our housing problems than encouraging people to get into debt. What am I missing?


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