SAP 25 (2009) on its way….

National Energy Services assured me today that SAP 2009 will be released in early September after final BRE validation. This gives us three weeks to get used to before it goes ‘live’ for projects. Like many people I have a number of projects waiting in the wings to use it, so it is going to be a busy September. This release should have been better planned to ensure that assessors had more time to use and test the software. It is inevitable that there will be bugs in it, so it is almost certain that the first few months of use will see acknowledged bugs emerge, and this will not do SAP any good. It is not perfect, but it is what we use and our regulators should be more careful next time. Who am I kidding?

Can we change it to SAP 2010 by the way? Its a bit like Windows coming out a year after its named release, hence the change to using names rather than a year. I propose that we name this SAP as SAP 25 as it requires a 25% CO2 reduction to pass. Next version will be SAP 44, followed by SAP 70.


One thought on “SAP 25 (2009) on its way….

  1. Scratch that last comment. What I meant to say was:

    SAP 25 is an interesting idea, but ignores the fact that “SAP zero”, or SAP 2005 is already a 20% reduction on SAP 2002. On that basis we have:

    SAP 2002 = SAP zero
    SAP 2005 = SAP 20
    SAP 2009 = SAP 40
    SAP 201x = SAP 55.2
    SAP 201x = SAP 76
    SAP 201x = SAP 100

    More related to your post, I spent much of yesterday helping out one of our SAP assessors by coding the community CHP part of the published worksheet which is missing from the advance version of Elmhurst. Not sure about NHER but they claim theirs has been ready to go for a while now. Let’s hope the approved software guys can get their acts together and finish off their software to avoid the regs being put back to 2011 (leaving SAP 2009 even more inaccurately named).

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