Can we have our Regulations please!

Anyone trying to design housing in the Uk has my sympathy at the moment, Oh wait a minute, thats me!

Currently anyone setting out to design new homes to any kind of tight tolerances in performance, i.e. everyone, is faced with a situation where the new regulations are shrouded in uncertainty.

-SAP 2009 software is not available except in preview versions that cannot be relied upon

-Code 2010 might be issued in 2010 or it might not, but there is no confirmation anywhere that this or isn’t happening

-the definition of zero carbon is still being worked out by the Zero Carbon Hub and won’t be released until the next Code update is already released

-Lifetime Homes is now in two versions one for Code 2009 and one for Code 2010( if it appears)

It would be unfair to blame the Government for every problem in the regulatory system but something is clearly not working well. Trying to explain these headaches to clients leaves every consultant and client with a headache which is unneccessary and unhelpful.


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