Register your projects now (while you can)

I am continually coming up against new residential projects that have planning permission but which are neither registered with Building Control nor with the Code for Sustainable Homes. Clients are putting themselves in unneccessarily risky situations for the want of a hap’worth of tar.

Consider this: if a project is aiming to achieve Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 now under SAP 2005, Building Regs 2006 and Lifetime Homes 2008, then fine if it is registered for the Code and is registered with Building Control.

If it is not registered with either body, then after October 1st, it will need to be assessed under SAP 2009, and in turn assessed under the Code for Sustainable Homes 2010 and in turn Lifetime Homes 2010. These three standards will go hand-in-hand in the same way that the old standards did.

The fact that has not so far been well understood is that there is a lot of difference between Lifetime Homes 2008 and 2010, particularly in the access requirements around beds. Many designs that comply with the old version will not comply with the new version. Since Lifetime Homes is 4 credits in the Code for Sustainable Homes, this is a lot of credits to put at risk and can mean the difference between passing and failing that important Code 4 threshold.

Register your projects now, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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