Feed-in-tariff for hydropower

This just in from the lets-make-a non-announcement-that-makes-us-look-good-but-doesn’t-cost-us-anything-dept. Hydropower from renovated water mills and water turbines are eligible for the feed-in-tariff. Forgive my cynicism, but the number of projects likely to take this up are probably in the tens, and their output will be enough to make a small pot of lukewarm coffee. A project I was involved in last year looked at restoring/replacing a water mill, and found that the output, even on a reasonably sized river, wasn’t going to be enough to power anything other than the mill building itself. This makes for a nice romantic image of bucolic haywains gazing soulfully at t’mill going roind and roind and achieving very little. Someone tell me that I’m wrong. Please.
the Netherlands - Overijssel, Singraven - water mill


2 thoughts on “Feed-in-tariff for hydropower

  1. Have to disagree with you there. I researched watermill power systems in Portugal, definitely worthwhile. A vertical wheel with around 3m head and 140l/s flow can give you about 12000kWh / year, not bad. about 3 houses annual energy use per year.

    • Magnus, can you tell us what the costs of this were likely to be? I’d be interested in hearing whether a small water turbine is better/worse from an economic perspective than a small wind turbine. ? But I think my point still holds, that there aren’t many properties in a position to make use of such systems and therfore this initiative will sound good but never cost very much or achieve very much.

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