Code 2010 update-under the hood

The Code for Sustainable Homes has had its 2010 update published. The main elements that changed are
-realigning the Code with the changed Building Regs 2010 (SAP2009)
-changing the credits for Energy by taking some away from ENE1 and putting them into the new fabric element ENE2
-removing the internal lighting credits to take account of legislation banning incandescent lightbulbs and replacing them with new credits relating to energy display devices
-making Lifetime Homes work on steeply sloping sites
-clarifying surface water drainage (again!)
-removing the mandatory site waste management plan(now regulated)

What is interesting about this update is that it may be the last under this current Code mechanism. Noises from CLG suggest that the role of the Code is being reassessed, possibly because of lobbying from housebuilders. Grant Shapps wants it to become part of the Building Regulations, despite it being impractical to do so. (when did that ever stop Government?)

The Code 2010 update document is also interesting also because the list of elements that have changed is shorter than the list of proposals that were not changed ‘at this stage’. The list includes:
-allowable solutions to enable a lower target for zero carbon
-introducing a lower fabric efficiency standard for Code Level 4
-introducing more complex waste calculations for larger sites
-introducing mobility equipment storage for specialist housing
-reducing home office requirements for specialist housing
-changing the Secure by Design credits

The final paragraph in the update document says
‘The Government is committed to reduce the burden of regulation, and to reducing duplication. Future plans to review the future role of the Code are being considered, alongside a wider rationalisation of housing standards.’


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