Code for Sustainable Homes gets 2010 update/swansong?

Two interesting announcements on Friday, the release of Code for Sustainable Homes 2010 and mutterings from the Coalition that the Code may not have a long future and may be rolled into the Building Regulations.

Last week Grant Shapps tweeted

@grantshapps: Code for Sustainable Homes to be merged into building regs

There is absolutely no documentation that suggests that this is the case, but ministers are not famous, (particularly this one) for waiting for documentation and agreement before making political capital out of announcements.

Mel Starrs has an article highlighting the fact that Andrew Stunell has openly accepted that there is too much regulation in housing in the UK and the regulatory burden needs to be cut.

It would appear that there is agreement in the Coalition that the Code for Sustainable Homes is too prescriptive and needs to change. But clearly there is no agreement yet (despite Grant Shapps tweet) as to what exactly to change it to.

Watch this space.


4 thoughts on “Code for Sustainable Homes gets 2010 update/swansong?

  1. Rory – I had missed Grant’s tweet, but it confirms the hints I am seeing. It will be interesting to see what any potential fallout is regarding Planning policies which currently refer to the Code.

    • Yes, there will be significant fallout, but I don’t think that will deter the Coalition from making the changes. The Cala Homes ruling doesn’t seem to have had much impact.

      I think that asking Building Control to take this type of onformation on is going to put huge stresses on an already struggling part of the sector. It may work to do so insofar as it will sound good and look as though the burden of regulation is being reduced, but not without significantly increasing the number and size of BCB’s and the costs of getting approvals. All that will do is to move the problem to another place that is not ready to deal with it.

      If BCB’s were to take over the Code, what about Habinteg and Lifetime Homes?, what about the Mayors housing standards? what about SAP/SBEM? If changes are going to be made, let all these voluntary codes and systems sit under one organisation (CLG?) and force them to integrate with each other. The last six months of Code/SAP/Lifetime Homes updates has been a complete shambles!

  2. Hmmmm. Interesting conjectures & Mel’s analysis seems quite extensive. I heard from Shapps himself earlier in the year a commitment to the Code. The Mayor of London is requiring Code level 4 from next April. Numerous local authorities have taken on the Code as part of the planning process and it is now in common use – Berkley Group are building all homes to CSH level 3. I can’t see it losing credibility fast.

    The Code is supposed to set the trend for building regulations and that is what it is doing with changes this month. Building regs will indeed gradually come up to meet Code requirements. The Code is an important tool to deal with a wider variety of environmental issues. It also gives some consistancy and clarity about what to expect in future standards. The Code gives us direction. So while you might be right that it will change – perhaps significantly – I can’t see it going.

    One thing it could do with though is a public that know about it.

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