Shapps scraps HCA standards

In the latest from the ‘greenest government ever’ the HCA new core standards are to be scrapped and current sites will continue to use the old ones instead. New sites will use Building Regulations and Local Authorities will be expected to decide what quality standards are to be applied (if any).

It is interesting that he states that housebuilders should set the standards since they are the ones who understand housebuilding!

Hmmm. So in that case, can car manufacturers set mpg standards since they understand how to make cars?

The press release is here

Here is the main text excerpt.
Proposals for new Core Standards for development funded or on land owned by the Homes and Communities Agency, which could on average have cost developers an additional £8,000 per home, will not be implemented. In the meantime, to provide stability and protect delivery, the HCA will continue to use existing standards, but Mr Shapps confirmed in the longer term, the standards that apply to private and public housing should be the same. As a start to this process, all centrally-imposed standards for houses built on surplus central government land will be removed, in a move expected to provide a boost to home builders.

From today, work will begin on a new Local Standards Framework that will be developed and maintained by industry and councils. The Government will help its development, but industry and councils will develop the ideas themselves, to ensure the options proposed meet the needs of local communities, and don’t impose unrealistic burdens on developers. The new local framework will be implemented through the National Planning Policy Framework, which will be introduced by April 2012.

Mr Shapps also confirmed that the recent review of Building Regulations will be published shortly, and will keep the regulations as the mechanism to set national minimum standards. Starting today, there will be an opportunity for developers to make suggestions for further deregulation of the industry.


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