Shopping Sustainably

Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes.
Working jobs we hate, so we can buy shit we don’t need.

Tyler Durden Fight Club

Recently on this blog I commented on the fact that a Tesco supermarket in Tramore has been awarded PassivHaus certification. This typifies the danger of adopting a ‘tickbox’ approach to sustainability. I know that supermarket well, having regularly spent time in that town over the last ten years or so, since it was built. The supermarket is in the wrong place, i.e. too far from residents to be walkable for most people, with no public transport, and surrounded by a sea of parking. It has contributed to sucking the last remnant of street life from the old town and sells the usual rubbish that all supermarkets sell, mostly made in China or imported from other parts of the world. How can the awarding of a PassivHaus piece of lipstick  make this pig anymore attractive?

This article from the Onion reinforces the point.


One thought on “Shopping Sustainably

  1. Nicely put Rory.

    I was recently musing over the radio saying the government was considering its “sustainable economics policy”. Maybe the word sustainable has simply had its day too, death by marketing man?.

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