Low Energy Lighting Fittings

The Code for Sustainable Homes 2009 requires the use of specialised low energy light fittings to gain the ENE 3 credits. These fittings have always been controversial since most of them are ugly and all of them require light bulbs that are non-standard and cannot fit bayonet or screw-in lightbulbs. (insert favourite lightbulb joke here). To add insult to injury most residents remove these fittings when they move into affordable homes and replace them sith standard ones and the fittings go in the bin.

In the new version of the Code released in 2010 this credit has been omitted because the  UK legislation that is phasing out incandescent bulbs means that there is little effort required to introduce low energy lighting, so there is no point in rewarding this with a credit. However there are thousands of Code dwellings that have been registered under the Code 2009 version, so this credit is still available and must be met by installing those pesky, ugly fittings and then finding the pesky, ugly lightbulbs that go into them. The bulbs are already hard to find and will get rarer as time goes by, so why does the BRE persist with requiring this credit to be fulfilled when its time has come and gone?

I vote that the BRE dumps this credit from all past versions of the Code and saves us all a lot of time and trouble.


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