Sustainable food – why don’t we ‘get’ it?

The drive towards more sustainable food continues in the Bergin household. Like many people we have bought organic, not just because it is better for us, but because it is better for the planet. i.e. the production process is cleaner, safer and more responsible. But it is more expensive than other foods, and we have to cope with the seasonal nature of what is available at different times of the year. Abel and Cole, our current provider, supply us with regular helpful recipes that are tailored to the food they sell and when they sell it. This is one of the many reasons why we will be sticking with them for the foreseeable future. The other major reason is that, of course, they deliver, so I haven’t shopped for the family in a supermarket for as long as I can remember. This saves me time and carbon emissions.

All of which makes it so disappointing that the FSA refuses to back organic food, claiming that it is no better for us than other food. As if that were the point. A report issued today by the Soil Association points out that sales of organic food in the UK have dropped in the recession, while sales in Europe have continued to rise. Titled ‘The Lazy Man of Europe’ the report points out the UK Government support for organic food has been diffident at best, while the rest of European Governments ‘get’ it.

Isn’t this an opportunity for the GG,E to differentiate itself from its predecessors and be confident about the benefits of organic farming, not for its health benefits to us, but for its health benefits for our environment.

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