Debate on the costs of Code 6 and Zero CO2

See Buildings website for  a debate in progress, most interesting comment so far from Neil Jefferson of the Zero Carbon Hub: I think the principles of Passivhaus have provided a good steer for us, but for the UK climate and grid carbon intensity, it is very unlikely to provide a cheaper alternative to the emerging defintion for zero carbon new homes. Energy efficiency is the first and most vital component of carbon reduction, but Passivhaus as a minimum standard per se, is not the most cost effective solution.

Interesting comment from Kirk Archibald from Fairview Homes

[Comment From Kirk Archibald Kirk Archibald : ]

why does the definition of zero carbon include emissions from discretionary energy use? this is anlagous to asking car manufacturers to legislate for the way their customers drive; or where they manufature zero emission tailpipe cars, asking car manufacturers to contribute towards the decarbonisation of the grid. if the definition were restricted to regulted emissions, I suspect the industry would embrace this wholeheartedly.

And finally fromMark Elton of ECD

[Comment From Mark Elton Mark Elton : ]

Please find it within yourselves to give Passivhaus parity with Allowable Solutions. It is the only sensible strategy.


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