St Patrick’s Day Sustainability Quiz

Thanks to everyone who voted in our slightly-less-than-serious-sustainability quiz ‘Go Green for St Patrick’s Day’. We are pleased to announce the winner of an organic lunch with HTA’s Sustainability and Innovation Team is Mr David Bullock of Compendium Living

His winning suggestion was as follows: Sipping a warming glass of green Chartreuse/creme de menthe/Powers whilst lying in a hand-knitted hemp hammock strung between two of Anthony Gormley’s little iron fellas on the Formby sea-shore gazing across the sea to the Emerald Isle glistening just over the horizon.

His very poetic suggestion reminds us that we should probably start by slowing down a little, doing less and contemplating the world around us a bit more.

His response to winning was: “I am truly humbled to have won this prestigious competition, but I can assure people that I won’t let it change my life.”

Other worthy suggestions came in such as: St Patrick’s Day parades should be powered entirely by pedal power. My response to that is OK, and while you are at it, ban those American majorettes from flying over to Dublin to cavort around in green tights for the day, what is that about? and what is the environmental cost of dying rivers green?

We liked Mark Brinkley’s suggestion for making a new insulating foam from the head of a pint of black stuff. Isn’t there a TSB fund for this type of innovation? there should be!

Paul Newman, from Kingspan, suggested Staying at home, in my pajamas, drinking Guiness (and watching England beat Ireland for the Grand Slam – on Saturday!) turned out to be sadly ill-advised, never mind Paul, there is always next year!

Greencycling from Margaret Reynolds was well-thought out  : 1) Dig up & plant excess paved areas to make green space on top of sustainable soakaway, 2) Harvest to make vegetarian lunch, 3) Put waste in anaerobic digester, 4) Use AD digestate to fertilise green area, 5) Begin again at 1)

Zelda France-Brotherton got into the spirit of St Patrick’s Day street parties with : A big bring-and-share street party in London – so everyone will be out having a good time instead of shopping, driving + using electricity/gas at home or in the office (all whilst getting a break from the usual rat-race!).

Several respondents wanted to stay in bed all day, drink Guinness etc., to you we say, you aren’t going to save the planet by staying in bed!


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