Greenest Government Ever admits, ‘We got it wrong’

In a surprising move by the Coalition, a spokesman(who didn’t want to be named) has admitted that the use of the phrase ‘Greenest Government ,Ever’, had been a mistake. “We didn’t expect it to stick, to be honest, given our history, but when it did, we started to worry that we had created a rod for our own backs”Oh, how true.

Any government that had presided over the regressive changes that this one has, would be hard pressed to call itself green at all, never mind greenest ever. So far these include

-scrapping density standards for housing developments

-scrapping the Sustainable Development Commission

-messing with the Feed-in-tariff to scare investors away

-setting up a Green Investment (Bank) Fund that cannot borrow money, yet

-regressing on the definition of zero carbon to the point where it is no longer even close to zero

-and so on

The spokesman wasn’t able to suggest a replacement for the Greenest Government ,Ever, but acknowledged that it should probably be more like one of the following, he admitted that none of them were catchy and they needed some work, but he was optimistic that a satisfactory version would be agreed in the life of this Parliament. Suggestions from party members so far include:

-one of the greener governments, historically speaking

-we talk a good green game

-definitely a bit greener that we used to be

-a greenish type of Government

-a Government that wants to sound green but cannot because the money men say no

One to watch I think…


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