Harrogate Housing Conference 2011

Harrogate 2011 is the last CIH housing conference to be held there, in the venue that has hosted it for the last twenty-five years. Many deals have been done, many relationships started and finished, many a late night drink taken at the Majestic bar. None of the attendees I spoke to think that the move will be positive for the conference. The fringe networking, which for most people is the sole reason for turning up, will be much more difficult at G-Mex where the conference centre is separated from the city centre.
The charm of both Harrogate and Brighton is that they are both smallish venues with a lot of good eateries and accommodation within a stones throw of the venue itself, but in both cases the conference is only an excuse for the industry to gather and talk, and is not the main event.
The decision to move the conference, in the face of dropping attendance may kill it off entirely instead of resurrecting it’s popularity.
My proposition is that we should set a day in the calendar to meet in Harrogate once a year to just network, without stands and talking heads, just decision makers.


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