B&Q buys National Energy Services

Is this the beginning of DIY Energy Assessment? In news announced earlier today Kingfisher the company who owns B&Q has bought NES the company who provides respected SAP software and EPC tools, and who came up with the NHER calculation engine. The acquisition signals what may become a wave of such activity as there are clear benefits to a large chain like B&Q in having its logo on Green Deal proposals. Who might be next? M&S buys Stroma? Hopefully this will also bring a cash injection into these tools to improve them and to speed up their development, there have been far too many delays in bringing such tools in line with the 2010 Building regulations, and we don’t want to see the same thing happening with the Green Deal, or with the 2013 regulations for that matter. I note that the B&Q online link to the One Planet Living calculator no longer works, so hopefully they will take a bit better care with their new toy.


2 thoughts on “B&Q buys National Energy Services

  1. I recently bought 5 large rolls of loft insulation from B & Q – enough for half of my loft. I could barely squeeze them into my car. The total cost was only £15. This was an absolute bargain.
    Will I now be able to get SAP or NHER calculations done at B & Q for an equally
    amazing price?

  2. Yes it will be interesting to see what B&Q do with that one.
    Funny how they pride themselves on being such a green company when apparently one of they’re divisional manager is turning up for store visits driving a Bently Continental. Bizarre considering the way economy is these days.

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