Green Growth will save the Economy (says the GG,E)

In an article today on one of the more right-wing newspapers Oliver Letwin goes all Green. The job of saving the Planet will save the economy he claims, because creating growth is what is needed and this sector is ripe for it. But saving the environment is not the main thing, no, instead it is our jobs that matter and growing the economy so that we can be even more prosperous than we are already.

Does anyone believe this nonsense anymore? I don’t imagine that they do. The pursuit of endless growth at the expense of our environment is what we have been doing for decades, and it doesn’t appear to have had the desired result. We have thrashed the environment in many cases, increasing our prosperity seems to be an endless treadmill that wears us out, and the certain result of endless growth seems to be economic recession.

It is worth reading the article just to understand how thin is the veneer of environmental concern that this government professes.


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