Green Deal Legislation Enacted

The Green Deal has passed into law, setting up the legal context for the detailed legislation to follow in 2012 to enable projects to start at the end of the year. This is a huge milestone in the journey to reducing UK CO2 emissions and should be welcomed.

The core of the Green Deal is that energy saving measures should pay for themselves, and if they do , then funding up front should be available for residents to carry out works through a Green Deal provider. The debt is associated with the property and not the person and will appear as a charge on the energy bill.

Vulnerable residents and those living in hard to treat homes will be assisted by the ECO funding from the energy companies. This mechanism is similar to CERT and will ensure that solid wall insulation will form a major part of Green Deal projects.

Private rented homes will have to be upgraded to above an E rating in SAP before April 2018. This affects about 600, 000 homes across the UK, so it is likely that these will become the first targets for action.

The key to the next years activity will be making the Green Deal attractive. How do we make people want to take up the funding? Many people will feel that the disruption is not going to be worth the effort and will be suspicious of large companies selling them something new that they don’t understand.

To work, the Green Deal must be obvious, attractive, and improve the comfort and value of the properties affected, and not just pay for itself over a long period


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