Inside Housing Sustainable Housing Awards 2011

I attended the annual awards yesterday at the Hilton Park Lane as a guest of Breyer. As awards ceremonies go it wasn’t bad. Helped along by the compere who trod a delicate balance between making fun of the industry and being genuinely funny. Mostly he got it right.
It did feel strange to be descending into a cavernous and sepulchral ballroom lit by chandeliers in the middle of the afternoon, to attend a sustainable awards ceremony. We had the beef tournedos too, as usual.
The awards felt worthy, but not innovative, in fact there seemed to be a distinct lack of the new and exciting on show. Most of the submissions were for projects that had been started a long time ago and that had only recently been finished, and several submissions were for initiatives that have been around for more than a year.
This probably reflects the fact that sustainability has dropped down the corporate agenda and also many people no longer have staff with the time to put submissions together, even if they are doing innovative work. It would be a pity if the larger companies were allowed to dominate such ceremonies simply because they have the time and budget to write the submissions. Hint to Inside Housing, perhaps a category next year which is voted live by delegates and not based on a submission.


2 thoughts on “Inside Housing Sustainable Housing Awards 2011

  1. I know you weren’t too impressed by this event but it sounds as though it may have been really good for my wife and I. We’re looking to eventually build our own sustainable home but are at the very early stages fo researching it. I am curious as to how the different levels of the code for sustainable homes affect the end house valuation and I would have love to have seen real life examples.

    • So far, there isn’t enough evidence to support an increase in value for more sustainable homes. This sounds crazy, and it is. The RICS have only recently issued some guidance to its members to pay attention to sustainable features and to consider them in their valuations, but that doesn’t automatically mean that they sill raise the values. What it might mean is a lowering of the value of their less sustainable neighbours!
      If you are going to build for yourselves, then consider your own lifestyles and what will save you money, particularly if you are going to live in the home for a long time.

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