EEPH Annual Conference 2011

i went to the morning session of the conference today to hear about progress on the Green Deal. Here’s what I learned.

-The Renewable Heat Incentive will only go to properties that have had ‘reasonable’ insulation measures added to them

-A Green Deal assessor must be trained as a Domestic Energy Assessor first and then upgrade to a Green Deal Assessor

-Most Green Deal projects will receive ECO funding as well as Green Deal funding, the projects that are funded by only one or other  is expected to be in the minority

-Consequential improvements to Part L standards is under discussion(haven’t we heard that before)

-DECC plans to use an online brokerage system for managing the ECO fund, where Green Deal providers will trade CO2 credits with the energy companies, there was no definitive statement about whether this would be some or all of the ECO fund.

-Before the conference there were rumours that RHP’s would not be able to access ECO funding, but this was denied by Chris Huhne in a response to a question from the floor, so there is still some way to go before there is clarity on this and many other issues.

-the plan for the Green Deal is to reduce UK housing CO2 emissions by 29% by 2020 and non-domestic emissions by 13% by the same date.

-the golden rule where measures have to pay for themselves within their lifetime will be based on ‘standardised’ occupancies to ensure that the measures still work when people move home and other residents move in.

-there was a lot of concern expressed by attendees that with the demise of CERT and Warm Front there is a gap in the funding for insulation projects. The response from DECC was that insulation installers have become grant-junkies and that measures should be saleable to residents on the basis that they pay for themselves now and without subsidy. The example quoted was for the double-glazing industry which has never been subsidised. There are 9m lofts that could be topped up and 6.3 million cavities still to be filled.

-The consultation on the Green Deal is either ‘soon’ or ‘imminent’ depending on who you talk to, and there is also a SAP consultation in the pipeline. Watch this space.


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