Zero Carbon Hub Annual Conference 2012

Today was the annual Zero Carbon Hub conference to review the progress of the Zero Carbon agenda. There were a few significant highlights from the speakers and the Q&A afterwards:
– there was a lot of mutual backslapping regarding the progress to date, Paul King commented that we are about half-way along the path from 2007 when the policy was introduced by Yvette Cooper, to 2016 when the policy becomes reality.
– many speakers bemoaned the fact that SAP is not fit for purpose, and the fact that it is owned by DECC, managed by the BRE on behalf of DCLG is at the heart of the problem. One representative of a major house builder declared (privately)that they would be happy to fund its development along with others, if the result was a transparent, reliable and useable system of compliance assessment. What is the point of doing R&D to gain 5% of benefits to find that this is wiped out by the next update to SAP?, he asked, quite reasonably.
– there was welcome news from the NHBC that owners of low carbon homes are satisfied with them and there is research to back this up.
– there was welcome news from Lloyds Bank that there is an emerging Green Mortgage market. There is also evidence that low carbon homes may command a premium because fuel bills are lower than for existing homes and other newbuild homes. As newbuild performance increases and the gap in running costs opens up between existing and new homes, there is an expectation that the market for new homes will grow.
– there was an explanation of the proposed changes to Building Regs from DCLG that didn’t leave me any the wiser, so I’ll just have to read the consultation.
– there was a speech from Ray Morgan that managed to annoy just about the entire room, doing what Ricky Gervais did for the Golden Globes, and Paul King invited him back to chair next year.
Next year can we have the conference somewhere with daylight? Not at the bottom of a deep cave in Kings Cross.


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