Green Deal- A Spur for New Development-CIH Brighton

With the Energy Bill having achieved Royal Assent in Parliament, the Government’s plans for the introduction of a new “Green Deal” scheme have moved a step closer to being realised.
The Deal, which is expected to revolutionise the energy efficiency of British properties, is a framework which will enable private firms to offer consumers energy efficiency improvements to their homes, at no upfront cost, with payments recouped through a charge in instalments on the energy bill. Industry guidance is currently being prepared on how the framework will work in detail, and the first Green Deals are expected to be in place by autumn of 2012. Focus to date has been on developing the policy but many questions still remain on how the Deal will work in practice. Key questions yet to be addressed include what the role of Stock Owners, Local Authorities and Developers will be during implementation.

HTA and Kingspan will host an expert panel discussion event over lunch, on Wednesday 7th March at the Brighton Metropole at which we hope to be able to shed light on:

* The progress of the Green Deal

* The Opportunities and Pitfalls of the Green Deal

* How Stock Owners, Local Authorities and Developers can organise themselves to maximise the benefits accruing from scale

* How the Green Deal can act as a catalyst for development at the Neighbourhood level

Speakers for the event:

Emma Bulmer, DECC representative & Green Deal Team Leader – to update participants on the progress of the Green Deal.

Cllr Joe Goldberg, Cabinet member at Haringey responsible for Carbon – to present the Local Authority view on the Green Deal and talk about the Haringey 40:20 Initiative.

Rory Bergin, Head of Sustainability & Innovation at HTA – to briefly present the view that the Green Deal must be seen in the context of the neighbourhood as a whole, and that the value of the asset must be considered. The Green Deal will provide an uplift in value and can this be used to spur development.

Shelagh Grant, Chief Executive – Housing Forum to chair Q&A


2 thoughts on “Green Deal- A Spur for New Development-CIH Brighton

  1. There is a HUGE disconnect between Govt, industry and council representatives with community energy organisations on the latter’s role in securing citizens’ buy-in to the Green Deal. This is reflected by the absence of any CEO representative in this event.

    Unless the main stakeholders rectify this, take up of the Green Deal will be minimal outside of the social housing sector.

    Our strategic focus is also plain wrong. Private housing accounts for over 80% of our housing stock and carbon emissions, so we should not be focusing on social housing.

    • Thanks Nigel, I agree that Community groups of all kinds have a huge role to play. The Key to the Green Deal is unlocking the involvement of the private homeowner and community groups are in the lead in that respect. I wonder if companies like Kingfisher and Wickes will have an advantage in the long run because so many people visit their stores every weekend to buy other products and may be more willing to engage in an energy discussion in a DIY store than in their own homes? Happy to meet to discuss…

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