Haringey 40:20 Annual Conference and Report Launch

I participated in some of the discussion groups which led to the Haringey Carbon Commission report on how the borough is to achieve its target of 40% emission reductions by 2020. The report was launched this morning at the Haringey heartlands school in the Borough with presentations from the NEF, Haringey Cabinet and some local sustainability advocates and groups.

The Carbon Commission report suggests recommendations under five headings:

  • create new business models
  • build a low carbon economy
  • boosting innovation
  • invest in low carbon transport
  • strengthen community organisations

I don’t propose to repeat the content of the report, but simply to say that it goes before Cabinet on the 16th October and if ratified will represent one of the most ambitious and interesting approaches to sustainable development in the UK.

It was good to see friends from the Muswell Hill Sustainability Group, and EcoDomus, and meet MakeMyHomeGreen, all active in the Borough on reducing the impact of buildings.

Well done to all who contributed to the days discussions, they were wide ranging and interesting. There was a large contribution in the form of questions from the floor particularly from the London Cycling network. (Perhaps because Haringey transport studies show that only one percent of journeys in the borough are by bicycle.) The wealth of issues discussed, from finances to bees, shows the complexity of the issues to be dealt with and their interconnectedness. Making progress in sustainable development will never be straightforward, but at least with this policy document backing council activity there is a lot of hope that we can make significant progress in the borough by 2020.

Thanks to the Peoples Supermarket for the delicious lunch.



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