HTA Design LLP is Born!

On 12th April HTA Design LLP was formed. A new company built on the foundations of HTA Architects Ltd. The new name reflects our multi-disciplinary nature and the new partnership structure reflects our metamorphosis into a succession practice. I am proud to say that I am a partner in the new structure leading a team of consultants who will continue to specialise in sustainable and innovative design. We will continue to work on sustainable design for new and retrofit low carbon buildings , we also plan to grow our client base to include a broader spectrum of clients, particularly in the manufacturing sector. This is a new and important moment in the history of HTA, and in some respects what has gone before has been preparation for this. A succession practice is one which is designed to operate with a partner team, who work together to grow the team in expertise and scope, but who also welcome new partners into the team as older ones retire. This cyclical change sends a strong signal to ambitious members of the team that they too can become partners in the future, and participate fully in the operation and management of the practice. This ability to introduce new skills, strength and leadership at regular intervals will bring long-term vitality to the practice.

We will continue to serve our current clients in the way that we have been for the last forty-four years, and we look forward to working with you for the next forty four.

Please visit our new website where you can see the press release and other related news


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