7 Reasons why Architecture (as we know it) is Only Beginning

 I think he makes a lot of valid points, but there are equally seven reasons why Architecture (As we know it) is Only Beginning.

1. Architects are trained to think, not just draw, so we are used to looking ahead and assessing what the future holds, and often we are ready for that future when change hits us.

2. The skills of young architects coming out of architecture schools is very high, because of the recession many of them have stayed in to do a Masters degree so they are coming out with a lot of fresh thinking.

3. Manufacturing is changing rapidly, 3D printing, CNC machines, and a demand from clients for a customised service all point to a need for new design philosophies to help these technologies serve the market. Just how do we design to enable construction using CNC or 3D?

4. Sustainable design shouldn’t mean expensive design, it should mean cost-effective design. A generation of young architects who understand sustainability should be one which is able to offer leaner and more efficient buildings to clients. Too much of construction is influenced by risk avoidance and guesswork. Analyse and Optimise!

5. Banks may not be willing to provide loan finance, but because of this investors are interested in opportunities. Architects need to look beyond the single project to larger opportunities and to think bigger. Don’t design 30 homes, design 300 and find an investor to back it. Design it for a long-life that will appeal to a pension fund.

6. Be the expert! Google won’t teach anyone to be an good architect, or to design efficient buildings. Construction isn’t like medicine, or law. Its a collaborative experience. In such an environment a trusted advisor is essential for clients to feel that they are in safe hands.

7. Social media will help architects to get beyond clients to reach the people who actually use buildings, they can help to inform the design team about their needs through social media in a way that wasn’t possible in the past. This will enable us to design more focused buildings that respond to the needs of society, rather than what we think their needs are.


3 thoughts on “7 Reasons why Architecture (as we know it) is Only Beginning

  1. Great post Rory though I wonder whether points 6 and 7 may contradict each other? Sometimes the end user is more expert and an architect’s trained instinct to design manage and control an unknown future in a space or building becomes unsustainable on a number of levels. New design expertise is needed in listening to end users and getting feedback to design teams to inform designs going forward.

  2. Thanks Michael, I don’t see a contradiction between the two. Designers need to be expert in the ‘hows’ of design and construction, and need to listen to their audience as to ‘why’ we should do something or not. No product manufacturer expects their purchasers to design their products for them, but they do want to hear from their potential market about what they need, why they need it, and whether the product they bought/rented/used worked or not.

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