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    • Hello
      I am an MSc student in environmental sustainability. I have been desperately looking for some cost information of Hanham Hall project. Could you please direct me to the right people/department where I can request it. It is not possible to find the info online and no one ever answers the phone at the regional office! I am sure such information as financial statements, construction contract through the years, lost and profit analysis ..should be available.If not free people should have a possibility to download it for a certain fee. Please inform me on this as this data is essential for my current research project.

      Regards ,

      Ruth J.

      • Ruth, the detailed design work on this project is ongoing, you can approach Barratt Bristol on the subject and they may be able to help, we do not have access to this information.

  1. Dear Rory I am really interested in your work and and general approach to sustainability in architecture.
    specially the role of production ( before the energy efficiency measures) in the proposal of an environmentally responsible architecture.

    I am sending you 2 links:

    1. About glue free massive timber construction in the UK (Bretsttapel)

    2. My dissertation on the same topic but from the energy efficiency perspective .

  2. Hi Rory, I wanted to enquire whether you would be interested in receiving a copy of an upcoming report looking at Delivering Growth through Localism.
    I see from your blog posts and the array of topics discussed, that this may be something of interest to you and your readers.
    This report is being officially launched on September 13th and is long awaited by professionals in the planning, housing regeneration, public sector and sustainability fields.
    Supported by Berkeley Group Holdings PLC, it has been formed by a number of key individuals.
    The contributors to the Growth and Localism report have worked together, combining ideas, sharing experience and bringing together public, private and voluntary sector ideas and case studies. The document is designed to help those wanting to deliver more homes, create jobs and regenerate our towns and villages and in doing so, help to strengthen the economy through growth in this new policy era.
    If ‘Delivering Growth through Localism’ is of interest to you and you would like to receive a copy, I can direct you to where it can be downloaded upon its availability in September.
    Upon reading, if you feel that you would like to review or comment on its contents, or indeed that it would be something your readers may be interested in, it would be great if you would consider using your blog as a platform to start a conversation.
    In the meantime, please do join out LinkedIn Group, created as a platform to harness conversations and to build a community of opinions, looking at the topic of Localism in the UK. Please do join the conversation!
    I look forward to hearing from you and please let me know if you have any questions.
    Kind regards

    • Thanks Lucy, yes I am interested in this topic, let me know when the report is available and I can blog on it then, is that OK?

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